Working Together for Safety

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Our Guiding Principals

  1. Prioritize safety. We must make safety our top priority to allow us to continue providing in-person services without disruptions to learning and without contributing to spreading Coronavirus to our students, staff, and community.
  2. Responsibility. Each individual’s choices and actions can have an impact on countless other individuals, even some with whom they have never had direct contact.
  3. Perseverance. The COVID-19 pandemic is not going to last forever, but it will last longer if we aren’t thoughtful about our choices.
  4. Selflessness. Comfort, tradition, and efficiency may need to be sacrificed to ensure that we keep our students and staff, as well as their families and our community safe.
  5. Equitable Access. Maximizing learning for all students, regardless of the learning model, is our mission. Plans will support the academic, social/emotional, and co-curricular needs of all students.
  6. High Expectations. Regardless of our personal views, we will honor, model, and promote the precautionary practices established by health experts and guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education during this time. Decisions will be made using the following criteria: a. Requirements b. Necessities c. Wants
  7. Monitor and adjust. Our school year will not be business as usual. We will be flexible and make timely adjustments as needed based on feedback in our pursuit of continuous improvement.
  8. Relationships and Unity. Model empathy for the vast diversity of situations for our students and staff, and create ways to connect with them to support their academic, physical, mental health, and social-emotional needs.

Contact Information


(Schoology, Google Classroom, Zoom or iPad)

(320) 231-8545

Internet Access

(320) 231-8545

(320) 231-8543

Student Emotional Help

Kandiyohi County Social Services

(320)-231-7800, extension 8825.