Summary of Public Comments Regarding Safe Learning Plans - Incident Command Team meetings were held on 8/3/20, 9/4/20, 10/8/20, 11/13/20, 12/22/20, and 2/2/21. These meetings involved consultation from stakeholders, such as employees. Public comments were received by the superintendent through email correspondences, as well as in surveys related to learning models. Most public comments were found to be regarding some common themes or concerns. Themes included:

  1. Concerns for students or family members of students regarding the potential impact of COVID-19 on health.  Specifically mentioned were diabetes, asthma, cancer, and elderly family members.
  2. Concerns about students’ mental health needs being balanced against the potential for COVID-19 infections.  Specifically, correspondences expressed concerns about the loss of socialization due to restrictive processes, as well as the loss of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities.
  3. Concerns regarding the District’s policy and practices related to face coverings (masks). Most comments included objections to the enforcement of face coverings and mask usage.
  4. Concerns regarding contact tracing and quarantine processes. Most of these comments indicated that there was a perception that the District’s quarantines should be shorter in duration.
  5. Comments were received expressing gratitude for efforts to keep students and staff safe during the pandemic.
  6. Some comments were received expressing concerns about the District’s use of a daily screening survey for staff and students. These comments indicated that the District should be discontinued.