Revisions to Safe Learning Plans

As of June 4, 2021, when the 2020-2021 school year ended in our district, many of the restrictions related to COVID-19 mitigation have been revised or expired.  The following protocols will be followed beginning with summer programming and may be revised based on changing guidance and regulations from MDH or MDE.

  1. Face Coverings - Face coverings are required for students while riding on school-provided transportation (buses). Face coverings are encouraged while inside school buildings for any student or staff member who has not yet been fully vaccinated.
  2. COVID Testing -  Frequent COVID testing is encouraged for staff and students, but will no longer be conducted by the district due to lack of participation. 
  3. Nursing - Nursing services will be available to address COVID-related concerns throughout summer programming. Nurses will offer support with screening staff and students for COVID-related symptoms.
  4. Instructional Models - Summer programming will be in-person, with support offered to students who are participating in programs for credit toward graduation requirements and need to be absent for COVID-related reasons.  Distance learning and hybrid models will not be utilized for summer programs unless required by the Minnesota Department of Education. 
  5. Contact Tracing -  Contact tracing will be conducted to determine close contacts to positive COVID cases. Once the close contacts of the positive case have been identified (six feet or less for a cumulative 15 minutes or more); those staff/students/families will be contacted by phone and a follow-up letter that they have been identified as a close contact. We will explain that the 14 days is still the safest option but we will allow students/staff to continue to attend as long as they are monitored closely for that 14 days for symptoms and they agree to get tested between days five-seven  after exposure.   If they develop any symptoms at all in that time, they would need to test before they could return in less than 14 days. This "no quarantine" option would only be available to those that are identified as close contacts at school or outside of the home; if it is a household person that is positive they would need to do the full 14 days of quarantine.
  6. Quarantine - Positive cases will need to complete the 10-day minimum isolation period. Close contacts within a household will be required to complete a 14-day quarantine. Fully vaccinated students or staff will not be subject to quarantine.
  7. Physical Distancing - Attempts will be made to provide as much space between summer participants as possible.
  8. Hand Hygiene - Appropriate hand washing will be encouraged for all staff and students.
  9. Enhanced Cleaning -  Enhanced cleaning techniques will be continued in areas of student use.

The federal government has provided funding to help K-12 school districts throughout the nation respond to the pandemic and address student learning loss as a result of COVID-19. Willmar Public schools is in the process of completing the applications to receive these funds. One of the conditions of accepting these federal funds is the need to create a Safe Return to In-person Learning Plan and post it for public comment.