Revisions to Safe Learning Plans

As required by the American Recovery Plan, each school district in Minnesota must have a “Safe Return to Learn” plan posted on its website and updated every six months in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This requirement is still in effect. Willmar Public Schools has had a Safe Return to Learning Plan recently revised as outlined below.


  1. Face Coverings - The use of face coverings in our district buildings is voluntary, and any student or staff member may choose to wear a face covering at any time. Additional guidance regarding face coverings will be given in the event a student or staff member tests positive for COVID.
  2. COVID Testing - COVID testing is strongly encouraged for any student or staff member who has COVID symptoms or is exposed to a household member that has tested positive. At-home testing kits may be available from the school district.
  3. Nursing - Nurses/COVID staff will offer support by screening staff and students for COVID symptoms. Nurses and COVID staff will guide families regarding the district’s COVID protocols outlined in this plan.
  4. Learning Models - Distance learning and hybrid models will not be utilized unless required by the Minnesota Department of Education.
  5. Contact Tracing - We will not be contact tracing. Students and staff members should assume they may have been exposed to COVID at any time and should monitor closely for COVID symptoms and must stay home if they are ill. Students and staff members with COVID symptoms must contact the nurse/COVID staff for further guidance.
  6. Isolation and Quarantine - Students and staff members who test positive for COVID must contact the nurse/COVID staff and stay home from school/work for a minimum of five (5) days. Students and staff members in close contact with a positive case of COVID do not need to quarantine unless they have COVID symptoms.
  7. Hand Hygiene - Appropriate hand washing will be encouraged for all staff and students.


Revised August 2022

The federal government has provided funding to help K-12 school districts throughout the nation respond to the pandemic and address student learning loss as a result of COVID-19. Willmar Public schools is in the process of completing the applications to receive these funds. One of the conditions of accepting these federal funds is the need to create a Safe Return to In-person Learning Plan and post it for public comment.