COVID-19 Suspected or Confirmed Case Protocols

Staff and families are expected to self-report through the Qualtrics system if they or their students(s) have symptoms of COVID-19, have been tested for COVID-19, or had close exposure to someone with COVID-19 Page 7 within the last 14 days. Reporting data will be handled in a manner consistent with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Specific protocols are in place should someone display symptoms during the school day. The District will use the Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH) Decision Tree for People with COVID-19 Symptoms in Youth, Student , and Child Care Programs to determine eligibility. The District’s COVID-19 Coordinator is the primary point of contact with MDH.

COVID-19 District Coordinator and Team

The District’s COVID-19 coordinator is Patti Johnson, Licensed School Nurse ( The District COVID-19 team includes the: Superintendent, Directors, and School Principals or designees.

COVID-19 Building Coordinators and Team

Each school and program will have its own coordinator and team. Building coordinators are responsible for reporting confirmed cases to the District COVID-19 Coordinator, who will coordinate communication with MDH, lead contact tracing, and audit building-level virus mitigation practices.

  • Area Learning Center: Nick Clasemann (
  • Kennedy Elementary School: Kristin Dresler (
  • Roosevelt Elementary School: Lori Lockhart (
  • Lakeland Elementary School: Gretchen Baumgarn (
  • Willmar Middle School: Mark Miley (
  • Willmar Senior High School: Paul Schmitz (
  • Focus House: Andrea Fladeboe (
  • Jefferson Learning Center: Scott Wallner (
  • Prairie Lakes Detention Center/Lake Park/Lakeview: Nick Clasemann (
  • District Office: Jeff Holm (

Isolation Process

If a student is displaying symptoms during the school day, there will be a designated and supervised isolation area within the building. Students with non-COVID-19 health concerns will report to the school’s nurse’s office. If a staff member is displaying symptoms during the school day, they will leave the building. If the staff member is too ill to leave on their own, they will be assigned to the alternate isolation space until they can be safely transported by a family member.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing will be conducted by the District COVID Coordinator under the direction of MDH. Families and staff will be notified about any potential exposure in accordance with MDH. Staff and students will be Page 8 required to quarantine based on the (MDH) Decision Tree for People with COVID-19 Symptoms in Youth, Student, and Child Care Programs to determine eligibility.